is a puzzle io game with physics. You can play unblocked for free in your browser to experience awesome challenges. It’s all about helping Santa Claus reach down from the pipe of gifts onto the floor. To get him down the floor safely, you cannot do this alone yourself but have to ask for the help of reindeers. The reindeers in game features discrepant behaviors, hence, you must use the one that suits your situation. If you are suitable for the case, you can click to dismiss them then call for another one. Take your time playing and conquering the challenge and make sure you remember which platforms you have destroyed as well as the outcome. The reindeers are not always helpful due to their behaviors so you must use them carefully for your current situation. features more than 30 levels of the campaign. Can you conquer all of them? Have fun!

How to play

Move your cursor or tap the screen (for mobile) to destroy the platform. Use the left arrow key to call for a reindeer from the left and the right arrow key to call for the reindeer from the right.