Zombs Royale is a shooting game with 2D graphics and great gameplay. You will meet new rivals and you must kill them all for your victory. At the start of the game, everybody has to fly through a big arena shooting one another. As a pilot, you must smartly navigate your plane during combat and take all the chances you have to kill your rivals, especially when they get in your way. You should aim then shoot them before they get away from your attacks. Also, you will see many yellow orbs and weapon crates dotted around the map. Collect them to have new weapons as well as grow your scores, or even regenerate your health. There are so many benefits you can take from those orbs and crates. They can help you outwit the rivals easily. You have to remain alive until you reach the top of the leaderboard! Play online in full-screen mode now!

How to play

Direct your plane around the map using the mouse. Use the left mouse or the spacebar to shoot other players.