online lets you play as a sumo wrestler who has to fight against other enemies from around the world. Get your skills ready for the fight and try your best to defeat them all. When you spawn in the arena, you are too small to fight with them. Hence, you must wander around the map to boost your size by eating as many sushi power-ups as possible. The more you eat, the stronger you are, and you will realize that you are taking over the map as your size grows. When you reach like 20% of the map, you must begin to move strategically to deal with other players. Do not let them attack you! Instead, you have to attack them first and knock them out of the arena to secure your victory. Like other io games, you aim to become the biggest and the strongest Sumo on the leaderboard. Much fun with unblocked free game!

How to play

Move your Sumo around the map to fight against other enemies using WASD or arrow keys.