unblocked is one of the most unique io games with addictive gameplay and great features. Have you ever thought that you could kill players around the world by just stomping them in a platform-based arena? Now, you will experience it all! At the start of the game, you can pick a skin and customize your character. Don’t forget to choose a nickname either. When you enter the arena, you must begin stomping to kill all enemies around. You have to jump from platform to platform hunting for enemies. Once you have stomped them, you can collect their stars to increase your size. Gathering many stars will give you a big advantage in winning. Be careful with the enemies that are bigger than you because you can only stomp the smaller ones while trying to avoid the bigger ones, otherwise, you will be stomped. Your big goal in online is to stomp your way to the top of the leaderboard! Much fun!

How to play

Direct the movement of your character in the game using left/right arrow keys. Use the left mouse or press the spacebar for an instant stomp.