In a space-themed io game called, you will be up against hordes of tough enemies from around the world. unblocked is the game that is the same as in terms of gameplay. You will make your way through a big universe trying to accumulate a lot of stardust until you can get your atomic mass bigger. This is how you evolve in a tough battle! You will become more attractive to other planets as you become larger. They will bring many bonuses to you. Try to watch out for other players when you hunt for dust. Do not come in contact with them, otherwise, you may get destroyed. But you can totally destroy them if you are completely ready for the fight. Make sure you stop your rivals from collecting stardust. You aim to reach the highest place on the leaderboard with the most amount of stardust collected. Have fun with free game!

How to play

Use the mouse to move around in space to collect dust in the game.