is one of the popular new RPG iO games with retro graphics and inspired by the Diablo series. The free online multiplayer adventure will happen in a dark dungeon. After you appear on the map at a safe castle, you can embark on your mission right away. So, what you need to do in the upcoming journey is to collect the most gold. It’s possible to team up with other heroes in unblocked! Crawl throughout areas and remember to destroy monsters. Otherwise, they will kill you. Besides, you should find the exit to reach the next floor. When you remove those scary creatures, you will earn more experience points that allow you to level up. Further, you can loot equipment from chests scattered across the playfield. It’s also feasible to buy or sell items if necessary! Are you ready to hop into the battle and unlock upgrades in the shortest time? Good luck!

How to play

Use Left Mouse to attack, Right Mouse to drink potions, change equipment, buy or sell