Are you ready for joining unblocked with many friends from around the world? game is a 2D shooter free io game set in a big arena. You are a tough fighter armed with a wide range of weapons, like a machine gun, a handgun, and a rifle. They are powerful weapons that help you dish out a huge amount of damage to your enemies. When you explore the map, be very careful with your surroundings because others may shoot you from afar or even ambush you. Try your best to avoid their bullets and protect yourself from them for your survival. As you collect kills, your stats will be increased, and also, you can choose some upgrades to strengthen yourself. You can enter a designated area on the map for creating more XP automatically. Be careful when you are there too. The big goal for you in Gats io space game is to become the winner! Much fun!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move, press R to reload, use the left mouse to shoot, press the spacebar to use the advanced power-ups.