unblocked is a water io game where you will create water piping systems to pump and accumulate gallons of water from the ponds. For each gallon of water you have, a certain amount of money will be sent to you. The more pipes and pumps you generate, the bigger the size and capacity your piping network will have. Through over time, you can advance your levels and get access to better equipment, such as larger pipes, stronger weapons, more defense objects that can be placed and more water processors. You are competing against other players, so do your best to protect your network because they can destroy it. Do whatever it takes to keep your base bump safe all the time. You can take chances to destroy the networks of other players to eliminate them out of the game. How much water can you collect in free? Jump into the game now and conquer all challenges!

How to play

Perform the movement of your character around the map using WASD. Use the mouse to look, use the left mouse to place objects, use the left mouse to attack, click the right mouse to rotate objects, use number keys 1-9, the mouse wheel scroll or click HUD to change tools, press Enter to chat, use L to look objects and use Insert to show ping.