In free online, you will fly a helicopter through a big map trying to shoot at enemies. unblocked is a mix and match of and As you move around the map, you also need to protect yourself by building walls. Don’t just build the walls but you also need to capture more territories around you. When you fill areas, you can advance your level, improve your helicopter and even your buildings, making you stronger than ever. The enemy bullets will bounce on walls, but yours will move through your walls, so you must keep this in mind. Remain alive and stay protected until you level up as well as defeat the enemies before they eliminate you. Keep your territory bigger as well because you need to vanquish the entire map to become the winner in game! No more waiting, let’s join this unique shooting and building game to express your skills now!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Use the right mouse or the spacebar to build walls, use the mouse to aim, the left mouse to shoot, number keys 1-7 or click the skill to upgrade.