In a free and fun io game called ClashBlade.IO, you will face up to more enemies from around the world and challenge their skills to crazy matches. With two modes, namely rank wars and endless wars, you will experience different challenges. In rank wars, you are here to slay all enemies and get through all dangers for the ultimate victory. You aim to get to the highest place on the leaderboard, so you must do your best to obtain it. The endless wars mode is less intense than the rank wars mode when it allows you to play for fun. You can take this chance to sharpen your skills through over time if you want. Keep in mind that you must collect orbs when you are at a low level and try your hardest to earn yourself a high score for a chance of winning. Play ClashBlade.IO unblocked then see if you can dominate the leaderboard! Much fun!

How to play ClashBlade.IO

Use the mouse to control the movement of your character in the game. If you play it on mobile, tap the screen to move your character.