Are you ready for a fascinating ocean adventure in unblocked? You can join it now for free to experience amazing challenges and fight against lots of enemies for domination. In free online game, you begin as a small fish swimming through the water to devour lots of plankton. The more plankton you gobble up, the bigger you will become. This is how you evolve, which is very much the same as You must watch out for bigger fishes controlled by other players, otherwise, you will get eaten. You can only devour the ones that are smaller than you. Once you have eaten them, your size will be increased much faster. When your stamina is running out, you must eat something to restore it and attempt not to use it much. Try your hardest to keep growing as well as surviving through all challenges until you get to the top place on the leaderboard!

How to play

Use the mouse for moving your fish around the arena. Use the left mouse or the spacebar to accelerate (for escape). Use the right mouse or Ctrl to accelerate with bite (for chasing or attacking).